Have a love for Italian Ceramics?

We do too!  We’re here to share a bit of information and history about our favorite Italian Pottery.  It can be hard to find good deals on these products unless they are damaged somehow.  Good news though, you no longer have to settle for broken or damaged ceramics to get great deals!


This site contains information about our favorite types of Italian Pottery.  All of them are higher end, handmade designs.  We take recommendations from our readers to help improve our site and add new brands.  If there’s something you would like to contribute then please send us a message.  We only share the highest quality products and information that’s derived from over 20 years of experience in the pottery industry.  We love them and we’re sure you will too.

Ceramic Roosters

Ceramic Roosters are the favorite around my home.  I have at least 10 of these places through the house, shop, and garden.  Something about them just brings me a tremendous amount of joy.  Although these aren’t brand specific, you can’t go wrong with any brand since these aren’t as elegant as dinnerware.  Hop over and check out the largest selection online and get yours today.  There are some great prices and even better quality.

Rooster Figurine

Ceramic Umbrella Stands

Ah, the classic ceramic umbrella stands.  These are great art pieces that people see as soon as they come in your door.  Rather for your home or business, these are a must have for any true pottery lover.  Although some of the cheaper versions look nice here you absolutely get what you pay for.  Highly recommend going for more of a brand name.

Italian Ceramic Umbrella Stands

Vietri Outlet

Our goal here is to help you find authentic products that aren’t damaged at a great price while also sharing our love of pottery with you.  Most Vietri outlet stores have damaged goods.  It’s been shown that people who buy fake or damaged goods start to feel “fake” themselves.  Don’t let this happen to you when you can get the same prices if you just know where to look.  The main thing to consider here is that you’re buying Vietri pottery for a purpose.  Once you decide on that purpose it makes everything much easier and compelling.  During my first trip to Europe I fell in love with the authentic pieces and I just can’t take damaged goods, much less fake goods.  So be sure to check out pages before you get taken for a ride. Take this for example.

 Vietri dinnerware on set table

Majolica Pottery

This is probably our favorite form of pottery with their intricate designs.  We really enjoy the glazes these are made with.  If you’re interested, hop over and check out our Majolica Pottery section.  This is one of the top pieces of Italian Pottery.

Earthenglaze plate pottery