Ceramic Roosters

Ceramic Roosters are a symbol of health and luck in a lot of cultures, including Italian.  There are a number of people that collect these specifically and there’s a good reason for it.  If you’re looking to buy a ceramic rooster then we’ve got the best place for you.  Heck, even if you’re just browsing then hop over and check them out so you’ll know for future reference!

Even if you have no experience with poultry or pottery, you can still admire the beauty of these statues.  Each one is hand painted by and a master artisan with an expert level of knowledge in Italian earthenware.  These can bring to life any dinning room or kitchen simply by displaying it.  Did we already mention that these were considered good luck?  Well they are, and they’re also great to bring charm into any room.

Rooster Figurine


These ceramic roosters are a staple in Italian pottery and have been since the 1400s and for good reason.  If you take a look at the history of the ceramic rooster you’ll see tale of the Medici family and how yard full of roosters was the only reason that the Medici family, the most powerful family in Italy, wasn’t murdered while they were sleeping while intoxicated after a party.  The roosters all crowed very loudly when intruders were sneaking in to kill them.  These roosters saved their lives and that’s why the are now a symbol of good luck.
These make great gifts for friends, family, or neighbors for the reason mentioned above.  If you know anyone that’s Italian or shares the same passion that we do, you should definitely give them one as a gift and let them know the story behind it.

What are we talking about?  Why would you only get one of these for your friends as a gift?  Last purchase I made when looking for a ceramic rooster was over $1,000 because I got carried away and bought 6 of them!  When I said these were my favorite pieces, I wasn’t kidding.

Hopefully you can benefit from the links placed on this page for great prices on the timeless Italian pottery.  If you enjoy my work here then please send me a message because I’d love to hear from you!