Large vs Small

Okay so you’ve decided that you want to get a ceramic rooster for either you or someone close to you as a gift.  That’s great!  It’s very easy to be overwhelmed by all of the selections out there so what we suggest is to first narrow it down by purpose. The purpose of the gift could be to place it on your dinner table as an art piece.  It could also be to place it on top of your refrigerator, on your counter, or in your living area on a table.  Great, so once you’ve decided on the purpose or location then then next step is to narrow it down by size.


There are different sizes that you can purchase in many locations.  We always recommend shopping at our favorite trusted website (link below) when you’re shopping for any top of pottery because all of their goods are authentic.

Large Ceramic Roosters

This is the favorite size among the majority of folks.  The reason being is because it can be a major fixture in a room and really bring it life.  The history of the Italian rooster comes from life sized statues that were molded after real roosters in Italy.  Although large ceramic roosters are the most popular size, they are also the most expensive.  It takes a lot of craftsmanship to create a piece this size.

Large sized rooster figurine

Small Ceramic Rooster Figurines

Another option is to go with some small figurines.  There’s a wide assortment out there for both sizes but a much larger selection in the small figurines.  These can be displayed together with other types of figurines instead of being a large focal piece of an area.  The detail in some of these rooster figurines is just stunning.  It’s amazing that these artisans have enough touch and patients to give them such an incredible amount of attention.

Small rooster statue