Ceramic Umbrella Stands

One of our most favorite pieces of Italian pottery is the ceramic umbrella stand.  These pieces can brighten up any foyer and makes a great statement.  They can serve other functions besides just somewhere to store your umbrella.  For example, you can store flowers in these as vases during the dry season.

When you’re looking to buy one of these stands you have a few things that you should consider.  They absolutely must be ceramic because most other materials will mildew if you put a wet umbrella in it.  Another factor to consider is where it’s made and the painting scheme.  Some of these can be priced as low as $30 but we recommend staying away from anything under $50 because they’ll be very cheap quality.  You may end up experiencing chips and cracks if you’re only price shopping and not looking for quality.

Italian Ceramic Umbrella Stands

Our favorite brands that we recommend is Deruta and Tuscan for these pieces in majolica.  These brands are fairly expensive but of the highest quality.  If you’re looking for something that’s more affordable then we’d recommend Imari.  Another one of our favorite pottery brands is Vietri but unfortunately they don’t produce many stands.  The only change you’d be able to find this brand is by checking out a Vietri outlet.  We did a bit of a write up on them so you can check them out yourself.  Their pricing is in the middle of the road but they have excellent quality pieces.

What makes these so great is the sheer size of this art.  There’s a lot of surface area to display the talent of the creators.  You have to have true craftsmanship to create something like this.  All of the classes I’ve taken trying to master this art has added up to hundreds of hours and I’m still not happy with the way my umbrella stands have turned out.  If you have any input or have any questions then make sure you drop us a comment!