Majolica Pottery

Do you love Majolica pottery?  We do too!  This whole website is dedicated to our favorite types of Italian pottery.  We’re here to help you find the best deals and also give some history and relevant information about our passion.

For those of you that aren’t exactly sure what majolica is we’ll go ahead and explain it very briefly. It’s an earthenware glaze that is made in resemblance of Italian Maiolica.  There are a lot of different terms that can confuse most people when they’re first getting into ceramics.  Ceramics is the most generic version and all things related to porcelain and pottery are included.  Majolica is a certain type of glaze that is made from earthenware pottery.  It is glazed in between two different firings and that’s what gives it it’s look.  Here’s a super basic info graphic to illustrate it.


What is Majolica


This product is usually a bit on the expensive end and there’s a good reason for that.  It’s all handmade and there’s a decently long process to mastering it the glaze.  The people who do master this do so for the love of the craft rather than for the financial reward.  However, if you spend so much of your time doing something and you have a lot of resources and materials that are involved, you have to charge a decent price for it.  The only way to pick up Majolica Pottery at a discount is by having connections or knowing where to shop for it.

Some of the best pieces that are my favorite are Ceramic umbrella stands. These umbrella stands have a large surface area to showcase this beautiful earthenware glaze.  These can be some of the most tricky to glaze based on their size but these artisans aren’t afraid of a large canvas at all.