Buying and Collecting Authentic Vietri Plates

The beauty of the Amalfi Coast in Italy is undeniable. With the blue of the Mediterranean sea, the blue of the sky jutting at it and the green of the hills that make much of its landscape, there is much to be inspired by. The natural colors of the coast have influenced the ceramics of artists since ancient times.  If you’re ever looking for these fine ceramic plates then make sure you check out our Vietri Outlet.

In particular, there is a town in Campania called Vietri that is among the top producing area for pottery, ceramics, plates and other goods. All of them are painted using the greens and blues that abound. The craft of making such items began to gain recognition in the 1600s.

Styllish Vietri Plates

Today, visitors from all over can enjoy watching the plates and other items turn from terra cotta clay into their more useful forms. The local artists also take their inspiration from the alleys, homes, roads and other buildings in Vietri. They often exhibit their works at local museums, but they always have their works for sale.

The plates are sold worldwide. They come in different textures and glazes of course, but the name alone is what tempts most shoppers to buy as many sets as possible. They are perfect for using for everyday meals, but the most expensive varieties with added details and shellac finishes are ideal for special occasions. There is no doubt that these handmade plates are also collectors’ items.

Most people bring home lots of plates, dinnerware, and planters when they travel. Besides shopping for ceramics in this town, most visitors want to see the look-out tower, the historic homes, the sea, the forests and the citrus groves. The food is fresh and tastes best when served on a beautiful Vietri plate made from terra cotta or terra bianca.

Some of the artists do make their plates using clay from other regions besides Campania. They now use clay from Umbria, Veneto, and Tuscany. The designs are often unique but some artists will use more traditional flourishes like adding images of cows, horses and fish to the plates to make them more of a souvenir of the town.

Stacks of Plates

In addition to shopping for Vietri pottery while travelling there, it is recommended you visit Museo Provinciale Della Ceramica. This museum has many pieces of historic work on display. You can compare them to the works being made now and see that the tradition has remained largely unchanged.

If you can make it to Vietri, do not forget to bring plenty of extra suitcases. You will want to come home with authentic Vietri pottery and plates. However, if you are interested in owning a set of plates for your home but do not want to wait to make a visit, you can also buy many authentic pieces online or at select department stores.

You can even purchase authentic pieces online from local Vietri artists. A trio of sisters who hail from Vietri have become synonymous with the region selling their own plates and other home décor under the Vietri name.