Vietri dinnerware has a great story of passion behind it and that’s part of what makes it so special.  These two sisters, along with their mother, created the company after becoming inspired by dinnerware while staying at a hotel in Italy.  These ladies were so intrigued that they booked a type of tour with the makers of the dinnerware to learn how to craft it themselves.  They spent their entire vacation with these local artisans and it inspired them to create their own.  This was in the town of Vietri in the early 1980’s and the company has grown to be world renowned over the past 30 years.  The Vietri outlet is one of the best places to find authentic goods but you have to watch out for big chips and fakes.  This is a great place to start and you can find out what good deals are since they have many of the rare pieces here.  Don’t take our word for it, just hop of there and give it a look.  You can also just shop at our favorite website below to get your fix!

To learn more about the history check out this video that was created by the family that owns this lovely brand!


How to Spot Fakes

There are a few ways that you can spot fakes.  The best way to tell if you’re dealing with a fake is by checking the labels.  There are trademarked stickers on the bottom.  This trademark is set by the Consigli Nazionale Ceramico or in English – The National Ceramic Council.  This is always the most obvious way to tell but sometimes the fakes even fake these labels.  This is why we suggest buying from our recommended sources.

Vietri trademark label

Favorite Peices

Here at Pottery Point, our favorite pieces of Vietri dinnerware are Majolica.  This is what Vietri is famous for to begin with.  They are masters are applying glaze and painting over it to come up with the best nature scenes and patterns.  So if we have to pick one type of piece it would be the majolica dinnerware.  I would also say that their cereal bowls are great.