The Ancient Art of Vietri Pottery

As if the Amalfi Coast in Italy is not splendid enough with the deep blue of the Mediterranean ocean against the gorgeous blue sky. There is also the deep green of the forests that climb up away from the shores that mingle with the orange groves. The blues, greens, and oranges are colors that have influenced the pottery and ceramics for centuries.  Most of our favorite pieces are the Vietri Dishes and dinnerware.  These types are the main thing they are known for and you should 100% check them out!

Art of VIetri Pottery

This Campanian town has produced ceramics and pottery using signature varnishes and shellacs that are clearly inspired by the nature that is all around. Since 1600, this town has provided the world with these beautiful, naturally inspired pieces which are now sought after by visitors who flock to the community. The styles are flourishing with ancient accents and images of cows, horses, fish and anything the artisans find in their surroundings to add flair to each piece of pottery they make.

The artists clearly take in more than just the natural surroundings to impact their pieces. They also get inspiration from the exterior tiled walls of houses, the roads, the alleyways and historic places like Conca dei Marini. This is the community’s open air museum which invites visitors in to see the exhibits of work which include the pottery as well as ceramics, glasses, and tiles.


It has not always been the Vietri natives who have made for great pottery masters. After World War II, a new type of artist took refuge in the community. The Germans who stayed after the war ended also took up the craft of making pottery. They are credited to having influenced changes to Vietri’s pottery which had remained very much the same for hundreds of years.

If you travel there, you will hear about the Vietri yellow. This is the color of the sun which the German artists implemented into their paints and shellacs. The Germans proved to be capable when it came to creating new paints and colors using age-old formulas that only needed a few changes to product the Yellow of Vietri which is seen in many products today.

Visit Vietri not only to see the forests, the sea, and the famous look-out tower. Visit the Museo Provinciale della Ceramica. There you can learn first-hand how the tradition of pottery evolved. You can also view ceramic works on display.

Bring home a bit of this when you return by checking out a Vietri outlet. There is an incredible array of items available besides plates and these include cups and lamps among other pieces. Vietri Pottery is now made using terra bianca or terra cotta clay. The clay does come from a multitude of other regions including Tuscany, Veneto, and Umbria in addition to Campania.

Today, if you cannot make it to Vietri, it is still possible to buy authentic Vietri pottery without traveling all the way to Italy. Visit the online store established by three Vietri natives who were influenced by their homeland craft. See and purchase an entire collection of premium pottery from plates to flower pots.